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Sunday, August 26, 2012

August Update!

Whew!  I was getting tired of looking at the floor plan, weren't you?

August Update!  Nothing is happening.

Actually, that's not true, there is so much happening!  We've got tentative approval from the Washington State Liquor Control Board pending our TTB (the feds) approval.  Also in the works are our building permits from the City of Seattle.  Permits to build out the brewery have, so far, been the biggest hurdle.  It takes a lot to turn an old cabinet shop into a world-class center for beer. 

Ever been to Rome?  Seen the Sistene Chapel?  About 10 block from there is an old cabinet shop.  Our brewery is going to be way better than that.

So - after the permits are issued, probably some time next week, it's time to start swinging hammers.  This means lots of trips to the dump, lots of paint, and getting our equipment in place.  We are still angling for a fall opening, but there is a lot of work in between here and there.  Also, it's almost September.

In the mean time we've been working out our recipes for opening day.  So far it looks like this:

Pale Ale
Blonde Ale (A Kolsch style hybrid)
A Strong Beer

What kind of strong beer?  Good question! As soon as Blogger decides to give me the service I so rightly have not paid for I will put up a poll.