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Thursday, September 27, 2012


It's September and things keep happening down at the brewery. Cleaning, demo and some painting has happened while we wait on plumbing and electrical to get firmed up. Our building permits were issued by the city, which means we can start to get serious about the transformation.

It also means that we can get our "change of use" from light manufacturing to food processing. Maybe. It depends on who you talk to at the city.

Either way, things are happening. While they are happening, we also have to secure all of our equipment. This means days at the brewery and nights cruising Craigslist and Probrewer looking for stuff to fill our empty space with.

Tomorrow we'll paint the facade and around the side of the building. So far I've only painted the roof, but I'm really glad to have that done. As a person who values their own physical well being and is also a little afraid of heights, I can tell you that crawling around on that old rusted metal was not my favorite thing in the world. Here's a before shot:

And here's the after:

Looks a little better. More paint on the building and some bamboo to block out the trash cans will also help. More photos soon. Enjoy these while you can since once I'm actually brewing most of the pictures will be of buckets of yeast.