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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Populuxe Brewing Founders Club

Thanks everyone!

Welcome to a rare and fleeting opportunity to be part of history. Also, free beer!*

As you probably know, we're opening a brewery here in Ballard and we want you to be a part of it. How? Why by doing what you already good at, drinking beer! 

We've put together a special deal which is going to allow you do this in style. The Populuxe Founders Club!

Founders Club members will receive the following totally awesome and very limited benefits:

  1. A cool t-shirt!  There will only be 100 of these made ... someday  (like probably next year) they will be collectors items worth thousand of dollars!

  2. Your very own engraved glass, kept at the brewery. Set yourself apart from the crowds and impress your friends. This glass will be a 20oz imperial pint, instead of our regular 16oz pours.  

  3. Invitations to special events including our Grand Opening Bash,  Hop Fest  parties and a tour with the head brewers, including special, unreleased beers not available anywhere else.

  4. Firm knowledge that you've made a difference in the lives of (potentially) millions of thirsty beer drinkers!
In addition to all this, you also get your very own membership card!  A late addition to the package, this card will identify you as one of the few, proud and awesome people to be in our super-exclusive club.  Possession of this card also entitles the barer to free legal services on the moon.

If you want to be part of the Founders Club, all you need to do is follow through with the paypal form below. $100 will get you one of the 100 spots available.  This is a lifetime membership.  We are together till death do us part.

When we say this is a limited time offer we mean it – those 100 spots are the only ones which will ever exist. Get in or or sit on the sidelines forever.

Do you want to die peacefully with a free conscience, or looking back on a life full of regret?

Join today!

*Technically this is free beer, but you still have to buy it. Blame the government regulators. WA State sales tax included