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Monday, December 31, 2012

Populuxe year-end round up

Well it's been en exciting 1st year for Populuxe Brewing being a thing that exists...sort of. We're still not open, but the progress at this point seems amazing considering where we were when we started.

The build out is almost complete. We still need to hang fixtures, install our sinks and do a few other things, but it's all finish work. The bulk of the construction is done.

We've got a strong line-up of ales for our opening day. We've been hard at work perfecting our Pale Ale and our IPAs recopies have been finalized. Jiri is in the running for Washington State Homebrewer of the Year after our strong showing at this years Mead and Cider Cup. We'll have a nice display case up behind the bar to show off the hardware from 2012.

Other then the little bit of finish work, and a 400 mile drive to pick up fermenters, there's only a few hurdles left for us:

1) Health Department - King County Health is doing a full plan review for our site, which means we'll be able to have some degree of food prepped on site. Probably nothing on opening day, but it's good to have on the back burner.

2) LCB - We need to get our final inspection from the Liquor Control Board. I'm a little nervous about our ability to get this scheduled in January. With the passage of legalized marijuana in Washington, it's up to the LCB to formulate those rules. Combine that with budget cuts and it's going to be tough to get our little beer joint on the schedule.

3) Other inspections - building, plumbing and electrical are all still outstanding. I'm not too worried about these since we've had such good luck with the DPD and other city departments so far (when it comes to field inspections).

There you have it! Bang out these 3 things and 2013 is going to be the year of Populuxe!  Don't forget there are still spots open in the Founders Club, but there are only a handful left.  If you haven't gotten one yet, why not start the new year off right and treat yourself to something you'll never regret....great beer!

Saturday, December 8, 2012


We bought some actual brewing equipment!

Lately it seems that all we buy is 2x4s and sheetrock and "pex" which the plummer tells me is what they call pipe these days. Well no more! We've gone and actually acquired the equipment we'll need to brew beer with. Not all of it mind you, we still need a proper plate chiller, hoses, clamps and various odds and ends, but we got the good stuff in today.

First up is our 1.5bbl brew house from Stout Tanks and Kettles down in Portland. Shiny! Thats the boil kettle there on the left and the mash tun on the right. We'll be using our old Blichmann home brew kettles for a Hot Liquor Tank and Hop Back.

Next is the kegs. We got 16 half barrel kegs from Off The Rails brewing down in Forest Grove, OR. Picking up 2 bits of gear in the same run managed to save us a lot in shipping. The kegs are actually Washington state natives, having formerly been employed by the defunct Orchard Street Brewing up in Bellingham. Populuxe is repatriating long lost Washington State kegs!

In other news, we're going to be grinding the floors this weekend, then pressure washing all of the interior walls. After that it's insulation and more sheetrock. Then we can call for another inspection.
Jiri grinding the floor

Oh you are going to delight at the thrill of sipping a cold Populuxe beer while flipping through our binder of passed inspections from the city. Can there be a more sublime way to spend the afternoon? I submit to you there is not!