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Monday, January 28, 2013

Final Building Inspection

Well, we passed our final building inspection.  Huzzah!  This means that the city now sees us as fit to make beer and have members of the public in our tasting room.  All of our improvements are up to code, and we are now zoned as Food Preparation instead of Light Manufacturing.  The City of Seattle and Populuxe Brewing are BFFs!

However, we're a bit late with it.  Why?  Well, because we failed our 1st inspection.  Below you can see a simple illustration of why we didn't pass the first time:

Signage!  How else would you find the exit inside the cavernous expanse of our beer palace without this illuminated wonder?   Not to mention "Doors must remain unlocked during business hours".  

I kid (a little) but rules are rules and we needed these signs in place prior to calling in the inspector.  Not having them up in the first place cost us a couple of days waiting around for our re-scheduled inspection.  

Regardless, things continue to move along.  We're brewing up a small ESB this weekend, and have our Health Department inspection on Friday.  We are doing our inspections one at a time so as to not have the various government agencies tripping over each other.  The Health Department is going to review our facility and determine if we're up to snuff to become a "Permanent Food Service Establishment".  Not that we will be making food, just beer-food, but that's the language they will use to describe us when we're done with that.

So...progress!  Opening day is....soon!  We have our liquor license (State) and our Brewers Notice (Feds) and our Certificate of Occupancy (City)...just waiting on the Health Department (county).  Technically we're a functioning brewery, but we need the OK to open up the tasting room.  Stay tuned!


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