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Populuxe is independent and brewer owned & operated

The word “populuxe” is a portmanteau of the words “popular” and “deluxe” and that’s how you’ll describe the suds at Populuxe Brewing.

Co-founders Peter Charbonnier and Amy Besunder started Populuxe Brewing in 2012. Peter had been a home brewer for many years and as his brewing equipment began to outgrow their garage, they began to seek out a commercial space.They found a slightly larger garage within two blocks of their longtime home in Ballard and after 8 months of rushing home after work to do demo and construction, filling out paperwork with various government agencies, piecing together furnishings and basically DYI'ing together a brewery, they opened the doors to their nanobrewery. The entire project cost the couple less than $30,000.

Amy and Pete.jpg

The immediate response was overwhelmingly positive with neighbors praising the quality of the beersand the casual and fun environment. Populuxe hosted family happy hours, live music, local artists and the best food trucks in town. Populuxe is also home to Ballard's largest beer garden.

In 2016 a larger space became available on the same lot and Peter and Amy decided to expand. In September of 2017, Populuxe moved across the beer garden to a state of the tasting room complete with a full arcade. This project cost a whole lot more than $30,000 - :).

Populuxe features the best in local food trucks. Our guests are also welcome to bring in food or have something delivered. We host periodic events like live music and family happy hours. Join our facebook page or follow us on twitter to see whats on tap.

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